Not so long ago, the fashion world was thriving about the concept of a capsule wardrobe and it’s back! Don’t know what the capsule wardrobe is - then listen up! The capsule closet is one that holds the bare minimum of pieces that you can match together with ease and suit your everyday lifestyle. One piece that does, and if not should, feature in every woman’s capsule wardrobe is a wrap skirt and to be specific, a leopard print wrap skirt.

Animal print has been huge in the fashion world in the last few years. In particular, leopard print is said to be a wardrobe palette cleanser to be paired alongside something simple like a plain polo-neck or if you’re feeling feisty to clash with another print (keeping reading to see our advice on print and colour clashing).

The Neverfullydressed Jaspre Leopard skirt is the CULT sell out skirt and a celeb fave, one of the main reasons being that it's so versatile and therefore a capsule closet must-have! Here are some of our favourite ways to style the leopard wrap skirt, 

Keeping it casual

Whether you’re just grabbing a coffee or doing the school run, you should always feel and look confident and there’s something about wearing leopard print that makes us feel powerful. Maybe the appeal has something do with what we think about the animal itself, it’s gracious and beautiful but fiercely dangerous…sound familiar? There are so many casual ways to chuck on this skirt; keep it clean with a white tee and matching trainers or grunge it down with a vintage rock tee and biker boots. Leopard print has become such a staple print to have in your wardrobe, Jenna Lyons (J Crew former creative director) agrees leopard print is a neutral for us to mix and match in a totally versatile way.  

Fearless feline

We believe that the Jaspre wrap skirt has the power to make you feel fearless, especially when it comes to trying out new combinations of silhouettes or colours. This midi skirt gives you the courage to clash prints and bright colours like you never thought you could! First up, a pop of colour works wonders with this show stopping skirt. Although the skirt does most of the talking, why not make it shout louder with a coral heel!

If you want to take it one step further…why don’t you try adding another print into the mix. You can wear several prints if you’re feeling wild! If the prints or patterns don’t match, then you should make sure you’re choosing prints from the same colour palette. Sticking to a single colour palette is a foolproof approach and provides more options when styling your capsule cult.   

Dress it up

Take a walk on the wild side, whether it’s a roaring night out or a low-key purrrfect cinema date, this skirt fits the bill! Not only can you wear the Jaspre as a skirt but it also works as a dress, halter or a strapless! Check out our styling videos to see how to wear it as a dress for those special occasions. 

Sparkle the night away and dress the skirt up with the Silver Sequin Disc top and a bold, bright heel. Alternatively go for business at the top with the Boxy Lace Shirt and party at the bottom!

For more ideas of how to style the Jaspre, check out the NFD Instagram and Facebook where we have loads of video tutorials to get the most use out of your wrap skirt.

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