The return of SATC is some of the best news we’ve had this year! Not sure about you, but although we’re excited to watch the turbulent love lives and warm-hearted friendships play out in front of us again, what we’re really tuning in for are the show stopping outfits! Carrie Bradshaw and the girls will be stepping back into our lives (with the highest of stilettos) to provide us with the fashion escapism that we truly deserve! Will Carrie still be obsessing over the Tutu dresses, will Miranda still be rocking career chic, and will Charlotte still be wearing her prim and proper clobber? SATC is said to be back later this year or early 2022, and wouldn’t it be amazing if the girls returned in none other than NFD? 

We’ve decided to give the costume designers a helping hand and turn the New York queens into NFD honeys! 



She’s the style icon with the wardrobe of wonders and we’ve got some pieces that will bring her style straight into 2021. A little black dress is right up Carrie’s Upper East Side street and perfect to flash her famous pins! The NFD Black Tiered dress, a combination of classic, quirky and will see you through from day till night. But, it wouldn’t be a complete Carrie look without something a little extra and we’ve got the perfect, purple finishing touch. 


A hard-working lawyer 9 till 5, but don’t underestimate this unexpected style icon of the 90’s. Oversized collars are everywhere at the moment and it seemed Miranda had anticipated this trend with her smart but sassy, androgynous look. You can’t get more office chic than our Boxy Lace Shirt. The boxy fit is exactly what Miranda would pair with a suit trouser and blazer. Finish it off with some martini hangover sunglasses and you’re good to go!



Timeless, elegant and unapologetically feminine, Charlotte always delivers a well put together look. We want her to bring her classic look into a 2021 style with substance. Charlotte’s catwalk might be the school run but that won’t make it any less glamorous! Our Camel 55 jacket over the Love charity tee is Charlotte all over, its structured but glam and will give her the confidence to curse the day Mr Big was born!   


You didn’t think that we’d not include Samantha as a NFD honey did you? She might not be returning with the rest of the gang, but she’s still an absolute icon! Samantha’s audacious and confident demeanour were translated into sassy dresses and bold, head-to-toe colour. We decided it was only right to dress the fierce queen in her rightful gown, the signature Leopard Print Wrap Dress. Samantha has been working the animal print trend for years, and there is no less is more with her. So, wear the leopard print dress with hoop earrings AND a statement necklace and get out there sweetie!


For each of the characters, fashion was a form of self-expression and for that, we love them! Let this bring a little fashion hope into your lives, if you’re cheersing on Zoom or chilling in your comfies make sure you’re doing it in style. And we couldn’t help but wonder…what will they be wearing now?


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